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Local business owners are saving hundreds of dollars on their booking systems....


Can you afford to leave this kind of easy money on the table?

Test-drive BATO today and see how fast, easy, and affordably you launch a fully optimized booking page that

make your business more money than ever. It’s compatible with all browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Are you a local business owner using appointment booking


This simple, profitable solution is saving local business owners hundreds of dollars a year!



Listen carefully because I’m going to show you how to solve one of the biggest problems every local business owner has right now… booking new appointments

Did you know that 97% of local

business owners are losing

thousands of dollars and hundreds

of customers every month because

of their outdated booking systems?

 "Outdated booking systems are 

killing local biz owners every day…


A recent survey shows that booking new clients is one of the biggest problems right now.


Because you have a software that's not completely compatible with your business needs or you have settled to go the outdated route using Contact Forms, Call Centers, and Freelancers.


Clients visit your local website. There’s a big old telephone number at the

top of the screen. But they're at work and can’t make the call. Or  they're 

in a busy cafe, where they can’t hear. Or maybe it’s late at night  and 

your business is closed (55% of local bookings are taken in the 

evening…) Or maybe they're just in a rush and don’t want to speak 

to anyone. So what do they do? They close the page and  go to the 

next search result! Even if they DO decide to call the business, they're 

often put on hold… … or  sent to an answer machine.

You are paying thousands per month for call centers 

to take bookings for you (and  it’s not working!)

And let’s face it! Nobody likes dealing with a call 

center when you just want to speak to the local 

business directly, right? Which is why call centers 

are costing local business owners thousands in

    lost appointments…so you need a solution, fast.

Contact forms don’t work either!



Customers have to think of what to say, wait for an 

email response, then go back and forth with the

secretary via email before actually making a booking.

And after all this? Customers forget to show up!

This results in heavy losses for the local business 

owner.  You can solve all these problems in 5 minutes

with our fully optimized, hands-free appointment 

booking system, you have  the power to double

your bookings and customers Almost Overnight!


Booking Appointments Through Order  

Instantly upgrade your local business booking system, 

double your appointments and remove all the headaches that have been losing you customers and costing you thousands per week



for a fraction of the cost you have to pay elsewhere!

Customers can book an appointment online, anytime of day.

☑️BATO keeps track of available times and 

removes all the back and forth emails and 

phone calls for the business owner.


☑️BATO Sends email and SMS reminders to the

customers so they never  miss an appointment!


☑️BATO Allows customers  to pay for the service

when they book (which business owners LOVE!)


☑️BATO Doubles any business owner’s bookings!

☑️BATO Installation in 60 secs



Are premium feature upsells costing your business hundreds of dollars with your online booking system?

Don't waste another penny on hidden fees 


and overpriced premium features!

Discover why local business owners are buying this simple online booking system…

BATO  sets  up  a  simplehigh  converting  booking  system with  EXTENSIVE APPOINTMENT SETTINGS*  for  any  local  business  in  minutes,  helping  you…



👉🏿Take more bookings              

during office hours…


👉🏿Ensures more people

actually show up for

their appointment…


👉🏿Save thousands of dollars          

on call centers...


👉🏿Attract more bookings…


👉🏿Win more customers                

from your competitors...


👉🏿Save hours of admin work        

and endless phone calls…


👉🏿Stops leads slipping

through the cracks...


👉🏿Save heaps of cash on

expensive booking tools…


👉🏿 No hidden costs…


Just look at this

Real people are paying $1000’s for help with their booking systems!

Sure, you can ignore this special software 

and do it the hard way coding, hiring 

freelancers, designing, patching together 

outdated plugins and hoping it all works 

perfectly for your customers or you could 

just invest in BATO today and instantly 

have the most powerful, easy to use 

booking software ready to deploy on 

your websites today in minutes.

You’ll  be  saving  thousands  on  wasted  traffic…

Hours  of  back and forth  phone  calls  and  chasing  leads...

Bringing  your  business  way  more customers and money   everyday!

And there’s…

❌     No learning curves.


❌     No coding skills



❌     No complicated         


Booking systems for your business 

doesn’t get easier than this.


Which makes this a VERY EASY service that will have you and your customers happy with their booking experience.



*Accept Payment Upfront

*No More Double Bookings

*Show Working Hours

*Simple Client Dashboard


*Google Calendar Integration

*Super Easy To Set Up

*Multiple Users For Each


*Build Your Client's Email


*Facebook Integration

*Mobile Optimized

*Appointments Made Easy

*Build-In Blogging

*Simple Sales Reporting

Complete  no-brainer  with huge one time bonuses for action takers that grab BATO now

Do you want to upgrade your business and save more money 

all together?

 The Only Booking Tool You’ll Need


BATO brings you a push button solution to explode bookings and

profits for your business, starting



Time Scheduling and Calendar -

allow customers to pick a time from the business owner’s calendar. No more back and forth via email or phone to check available time slots.

 Confirmation and Reminder SMS and Emails

keep customers in the loop and remind them when to show up, reducing the amount of no shows.

Working Hours

shows customers when the business is open so they can  book the right time, every time.

Showcase Services -

show visitors which services are available, right inside a beautiful booking system that works perfectly on every device!

No More Double Bookings -


BATO has built-in technology to prevent double bookings. If another customer has already booked an appointment, the software will let them know and suggest another slot that’s available!


We update the software regularly so it works perfectly, no matter what happens.

Compatibility - 

It’s compatible with all browsers, devices and screen sizes.


*No More Double Bookings

BATO has built-in 

technology to prevent 

double bookings. 

If another customer 

has already booked 

an appointment, the 

software will let them 

know and suggest 

another slot that’s 



*Show Working Hours

Set up your business 

holidays, your days 

off, lunchtimes and 

meetings, so the 

system can only take 

bookings when 

your’re available!


*Accept Payment 

Unlike regular booking 

systems, BATO allows

 you to accept payments 

upfront at the time of 

booking! Local 

businesses love this 

feature because they 

get paid upfront and 

 reduces “no shows” 

as well 


*Google Calendar 

Tap a button to instantly 

sync your Google 

calendar into BATO

allowing you to see all 

of your appointments 

in one place, including 

ones booked separately 

in your Google calendar 

alongside your BATO 


*Automatic Email & SMS

Notifications will be sent 

to people who have 

booked appointments 

so that appointments 

are not missed. Reducing 

no shows and bringing 

more customers to your 

business on autopilot!


Simple Client Dashboard

You will have an easy

bird’s eye view of your 

appointment calendar 

to help you stay organized.


Build Your Client's Email

Capture emails during the 

booking process, so that 

you can follow up with 

more offers in the future. 

Or you can even select 

our done-for-you email 

marketing service to 

collect more paychecks

 every month!

*Multiple Users For Each

Most business owners have multiple 

people who take bookings (dentists, 

doctors, chiropractors, roofers, etc.)

 With BATO you can give each member

 of your team their own appointment 

system under one “umbrella” system 

for your company.


*Super Easy To Set Up

 You’ll have the entire 

system set up for your 

business in minutes from 

now. We provide step by 

step instructions and it’s 

designed for complete 

beginners to use without 

any steep learning curves 

or special skills. Or you 

can have us set it up for


Offer Closes In - 23 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds Use coupon code BATO60 for 60% off

*Export Data

You can easily export 

your appointment 

details and statistics

for offline references 

and analysis.


*Appointments Made Easy

Managing appointments has 

never been easier for you 

and your business. See 

available slots, bookings 

made, dates and times, all 

in a simple dashboard. 

For potential customers,

it’s easy too. The booking 

form is clean, easy to use 

and works perfectly on 



Mobile Optimized

BATO works perfectly on 

all devices and screen 

sizes, so your business 

will never lose a booking

because of a badly

designed form that’s hard 

to fill out. Customers can

book appointments from 

their mobile devices in

a few simple taps, without

squinting, pinching or 

zooming their screens!


*Facebook Integration

Integrate your BATO system

into Facebook in a few simple 

clicks and allow your 

business to take bookings 

and reservations without 

leaving the social network!


*Simple Sales Reporting

Allow you to view recent transactions, 

pending and future appointments,°°°°° 

customer details and amount paid, 

in one simple screen


*Build-In Blogging

Your business can use this 

to provide additional 

information about your

products and services, 

boost appointment 

bookings and even attract 

free traffic from Google. 

You can even display 

images in the sleek slider 

section integrated into the 

theme  to draw people’s

attention into each post, 

build trust and give your 

blog a professional look 

and feel.

As you can see…

BATO is the most advanced,

customer-getting appointment tool on the market today! Everything you need to boost your business

bookings, reduce no-shows, help you stay organized and manage your  time  more  effectively!

Invest in BATO today to

instantly simplify your bookings,

 double your appointments and 

stop burning cash on call centers

or overpriced software!

No hidden costs, ever.


❌       No sneaky booking



❌       No ongoing charges.


❌       No other tools



❌       No freelancers



❌       No hosting required.

Here’s everything you’re getting with BATO today…

*Extensive Appointment Settings                                                                                                                           *Duplicate Booking Checker


*Multiple Users For Each Client                                                                                                                     *Show Working Hours


*Effortless Facebook Integration                                                                                                           *Mobile Optimized


*Google Calendar Integration                                                                                                                *Built-In Blogging


*Automatic Email And SMS Reminders                                                                                                              *Accept Payment Upfront


*Backend Appointment Calendar & List                                                                                                             *Simple Sales Reporting


*Build Your Client's Email List                                                                                                                                  



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Instantly these beautiful, fully customizable Facebook and Youtube social covers are yours. (Normally this high value service is offered as a separate package.)

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A professional set of attention-grabbing ads for your hot local niches right now. These ready-made DFY Facebook ads help you bring in more leads and sales today.

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OK, time’s up… it’s now or never.

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We’ll see you inside!

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